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The Team

Brown Jack

Artist/Video Director

“I’m an ancient astronaut.”



“Music is love <3."



“Make a difference in this world, even if it’s in the smallest way.”



“It’s never too late.”



“Time is of the essence. Let’s make the most of it.”



Architectural Technologist / Building Engineering



“Have the power to say no.”

  • “OmahaZiyaa : #ThaaraThaara”

    @seboyz – September 25, 2016

  • “RT @Thusy_seboyz: Follow me on instagram! thusy_se ;)”

    @seboyz – June 16, 2016

  • “RT @Thusy_seboyz: Sandakaari! Seboyz & TJP’s new song coming out nxt week ! Small teaser! @seboyz jegantjp…”

    @seboyz – June 16, 2016

  • “RT @djthibz: Rehearsal time with the team @seboyz for Swardham 2016 Star Night in Montréal! 😄! Make sure to…”

    @seboyz – June 16, 2016

  • “A new favorite: Thalli Pogathey Remix – Dj Thibz by @djthibz on #SoundCloud”

    @seboyz – January 27, 2016


Enna? Athai Thaan!

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Artist(s): SE Boyz
Music: Jegan T. (TJP)
Lyrics: SE Boyz

Glad You Came (Tamil Cover)

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Artist: Brown Jack
Mixed & Mastered by: Jegan TJP

I'm Tamil & I Know It (Maniacs Anthem)

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Artist: Thinesh SE.
Mixed & Mastered by: Jegan TJP
Performed by : Montreal Maniacs Thaalam 2012

In The Club

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Music: Jegan T. (TJP)
Artist(s): SM Ram Ft. Sanskrit, Purji, Tha Mystro, TR., JJ The Clown, Sri
Labels: TJ Production, SE Boyz, Little Empire, GJ Arts

Konjam Vekkam

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Music: Thars (TS Prod)
Artist(s): Brown Jack & Purji ft. Thars
Lyrics: Brown Jack & Purji

Midnight Inducement

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Artist(s): Substance ft. Jinn, D’zz, Grin
Produced By: Thibz
Lyrics: Substance, Jinn, D’zz, Grin

Miss Desi

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Artist(s): Jenny ft. Thinesh SE. & D’zz
Produced By: Jegan T.
Lyrics: Jenny & TR.

Poo Nee Poo (Dubstep Remix)

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Dubstep Music: Jegan T (TJP)
Artists:Sudha Shree Maya ft. Thibz, Thilak, D’zz
Original Song: Poo Nee Poo

Quantum Love

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Music: Jegan T.
Artist(s): Brown Jack & TR. ft. Thilak


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Music: M.Kowtham
Artist(s): Brown Jack & TR.
Lyrics: Dayan Shan

She Flew Away

Music: Jegan T. (TJP)
Artist(s): SE Boyz
Lyrics: SE Boyz & Thuva (Nandhi Ent.)
Guitar: Barron

The Forgotten

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Artist(s): Brown Jack
Produced By: Thibz
Composed By: TR.
Lyrics: Brown Jack
Vocal Support: Kadhalviruz

Uyir Odu

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Artist(s): Thibz, Purji, Prabha Balakrishnan
Music: Jegan T. (TJP)
Lyrics: Thuva (Nandhi Ent) & Purji
Flute: Karthik Ramalingam
Veenai: Seshakamal Iyengar

Vayasu Kolaru

Click Here View Song
Artist(s): Kadhalviruz & Johan Anthony ft. Thinesh SE.
Music: Kowtham M.
Lyrics: Thuva (Nandhi Ent) & Purji

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About Us

Founded on December 27, 2007, SE Boyz have become one the most influential artists of the decade. They are comprised of seven members: Brown Jack, D’zz, Purji, Sri, Thibz, Thilak, TR. Each of these members provide a unique style and when put together, form one of the most multi-talented teams to catch the public eye. Specializing in rapping, singing and production, they have learned to incorporate these talents into diverse genres of music spanning from Western styles, such as Hip Hop & RnB to Eastern, such as Kollywood & Gaana. They have many hit singles such as The Forgotten and Konjam Vekkam. They have collaborated with numerous artists and producers across the globe and are currently working alongside TJ Production to deliver music to their audience.

SE Boyz Entertainment
Location: Montreal , Canada
Established: December 27, 2007

Booking Info.
tjp: +1 514-928-2531